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zoé d. d ART DIGITAL/ perle

Zoe D.


After studying at the Lycée Edouard Herriot in Lyon, Zoé D. entered the School of Fine Arts for three years. She dreamed about it  during endless Latin lessons. !


Since her early childhood the only thing that interested her in studies was the decoration of notebooks, illustrating recitations...Zoé began to paint around the age of 12 on makeshift supports such as kraft paper...

Graduated from the fine arts Zoé worked for a year as a designer of designs  for fabrics then set up freelance, which she still is today, favoring freedom!

Departure for Paris where she became a designer of designs for t-shirts, cushions… then stylist for Shell boutiques. Zoé creates a product every two months, the production of which she also monitors. Also passionate about decoration, she paints and decorates various pieces of furniture for herself and her friends and also some canvases (oil).

A few years away from art, she became a press officer in music (freelance), then returned to creation in her boutique-workshop, where she created and sold everything she had_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ envy through chandeliers, lamps, jewelry, clothes...

Finally in 2012 return to pure creation through the discovery of the technique offered by digital. A revelation and a passion for Zoé that still lasts to this day.

She begins with photographic creations where she tells stories through each of them  to finally create today in a more contemporary style that suits her better.

In love with freedom and independence, after a year spent as an employee upon leaving the Beaux-Arts, Zoé decided to become a freelancer, alone in charge and remained under this status for all her successive activities.

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